We are born to be

your inspiration for holistic living

Seveda is derived from “se”, meaning "self" and “veda”, meaning knowledge. 


We are looking to disrupt the modern attitude towards holistic health by not only increasing awareness, but also aligning people with the support they need through holistic and ayurveda practices. We are a small team of passionate individuals who are excited to grow as a company whilst bringing something meaningful to the world.

Our aim is to support and encourage people around the world to find a balance between different aspects of their health in a holistic manner. It is clear to us that everything from our mind, body and soul is interconnected and strongly influences each other in a number of ways. We make your holistic health journey easier, clearer and personalised to your needs. This comprehensive solution will help you achieve body-mind-soul balance with our natural and preventive approach.

Our values


straightforward guidance can be life-changing.


We know what exactly you need with our powerful database and smart matching system. 


People need honest and transparent help.


The restorative power of connection. Be part of a growing awakened community.


The world needs a new approach to health.


Education that enables people to take charge of their heath.

Founder’s story

Sivan Farber


Holistic and Ayurvedic health helped me get through a lot of difficult times in my life, so I am determined to share this knowledge with more people. I hope each person who joins Seveda will be able to enjoy the holistic way of living.

My mission is to help humankind take control over their own health and uplift the consciousness of their lives with a holistic innovative process.