Balance your body, mind & soul

and build the right lifestyle for you


Health as defined by Ayurveda is a balanced state of body, mind and consciousness. Whether you are looking to alleviate occasional digestive issues or obtain relief from a chronic condition, Ayurveda can help you.

The name “Ayurveda” means “the sacred knowledge of life” and it originated in India more than 5,000 years ago The primary qualities that govern the body are called “doshas”.

According to Ayurveda, everyone is born with a mixture of these three doshas. Determining your primary dosha is the first step towards finding your optimal state of balanced, natural health.

Seveda finds your own unique Ayurvedic body type for you with our free holistic assessment 

At its root, Ayurveda is a holistic tradition and way of living that can help each of us to claim and celebrate our capacity for wellness. 

Ayurveda can help us:


mind, body and soul

Clean and remove toxins in the body

Prevent/reduce disease and illness

Maintain balance and create harmony

Overcome difficulties and challenges 

Sync up with our truest inner nature

Our knowledge:

  • You own all the power to change your life and health into a very positive state, you can be stronger healthier happier smarter focused and better in all aspects

  • Understand the importance of body mind and soul alignment and the effects on our health

  • Each person is unique and needs different solutions 

  • It’s internal and external work combined together to achieve more

  • Each person have different energy types and need to put his focus in different areas in order to balance himself 

  • Everything starts with awareness and knowledge

  • Ayurvedic and holistic approaches  can change our lives for the better

  • We born in a certain way, but we definitely can and should as the times go improve and evolve to better beings

People all have different body constitution and the percentage varies.




Dosha types and the  percentage of each type in you  


We identify your:




Holistic health state


  • Physical type

  • Emotional type

  • Mental type 

  • Nutritional type

  • Mindfulness type

  • Spiritual type 

we tailor a personalised holistic plan for you


Online Ebook with your personalised plan

Online personalised classes

Ayurveda (the knowledge of life) is a powerful natural healing science from India. It is a holistic way of living that can help you claim and celebrate your capacity for wellness by focusing on viewing your body, mind and soul as a whole. Ayurveda not only treats a person's physical complaints, but it also changes lifestyle practices to help maintain or improve health.


According to Ayurveda, each of us is composed of all three doshas, but one or two doshas are dominant for most individuals. Each dosha controls different functions within the body. Knowing your dosha type can help you to understand your unique constitution and why you have had certain health difficulties and can feel unbalanced at times. 


Determining your primary dosha(s) is the first step towards finding your optimal state of balanced.

Seveda has the most powerful analysis system which can help you precisely discover your ayurvedic constitution, unlike other websites that only provide single dosha result. 


Our vision is to make Ayurveda practices an integral part of our overall health. 

►Treat the root cause of your problems       ► Natural healing              ► Disease prevention 

►The holistic way of living                               ► Long time relief

To find out more about how Ayurveda can help you, please visit our Ayurveda page.

Ayurveda and three doshas



Online Holistic Personalised Health Plans


Your holistic journey begin! designed to deliver quality and value. 





We use exercises, mindfulness and foods that are best for our individual character type (dosha) to improve your energy and health. With Ayurveda you will learn to understand the need to incorporate the ‘right’ things for you that works well with your dosha.



Mindful: stress-relieving techniques help provide a painless transition to a more fulfilling lifestyle                                  

Nutritional: an extensive section of uncomplicated recipes tailored for your natural constitution 


Our holistic personalised health plans will put all parts of your health puzzles together and show you what you need to work on in order to achieve complete harmony in your life. By attaining ultimate wellbeing holistically, we can express our full capacity as human beings. 

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The ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to medicine and public health is outdated. We believe the real solution is to provide a personalised approach for the individual - the right care for the right person at the right time. 

Holistic support

Generally, western medicine treats symptoms. They provide medical solutions to alleviate a disease.  We treat your body, mind and soul as one. Rather than simply address a specific condition or illness, we aim to find the root cause of your problems.

The ancient practice of Ayurvedic medicine needs bringing forward for all to use to ensure everybody can heal holistically and naturally. This unique experience will help you learn more about yourself, heal yourself and provide you with confidence to take control of your own health.

Holistic knowledge

With the mind, body and spirit all being connected, creating an internal balance and all bodily functions working together in natural rhythm is the key to good health and preventing dis-ease.

Holistic connection

We have highly skilled instructors, therapists and coaches from all fields of health. Although the world is going through a difficult time, we still stay united here at Seveda and provide you with guidance to prevent diseases and illnesses. We have got your back! 

Holistic guidance

Strengthen & Balance Your Immune System Holistically

Eat healthier, think positively, exercise regularly & feed your mind with faith 

The coronavirus outbreak is a global pandemic. When it comes to maintaining good health, the immune system is our most precious asset. If you are looking to strengthen your immunity, the best way is through a combined approach.