Video instructions

Please read all PDF and get a clearer understanding of what you need to do.

Based on our guidelines and info please create (for clients who have the same dosha with you) more personalised balancing content.

Start with reading more about the balancing plan and then go over on all the other PDF related to our characters and dosh and make sure you will create a plan for your specific dosha character based on your percentage of Pita, Kapha, Vata.

Steps after the approval of your 7-day plan

1. Make 1 promotional video.
2. After the second approval of the promotional video, please make 7 videos for
your plan (1 video for each day).
3. After the third approval of the 7 videos, please create videos for clients -

3 motivational videos (1 min), 3 health affirmation videos (1 min) and weekly update videos.

Please read this PDF

Mindfulness video example

Fitness video example

Nutrition video example

Background & lighting

  • Clean and tidy background.

  • Make sure the light is always behind the camera (so it can brighten up your face) and your video is bright enough (brightness could encourage positivity).

  •  If the lighting is unbalanced and you are noticing harsh shadows in the shot,position a desk lamp or other light source so it brightens up the darker areas to

  • create a more even light.


  • Make sure you have clear audio.

  • You can record a voice over for your video if necessary.

  • No background noises.

  • Sound friendly and professional.

Important notes

  • Please do not mention the percentage of your doshas in the video.

  • Do not stare at your notes constantly throughout the whole video, please
    practice several times before filming.

  • Make your videos horizontal and place the camera at the same height as your
    eyes in your frame.

  • You can use a tripod or place your phone in a stable position (do not use your
    hands to hold your camera/phone).

  • Please dress ‘appropriately’ according to your profession. Try to avoid dark
    colour clothes.

  • Make sure you look tidy and professional in the video (makeup is acceptable
    but we also allow a ‘natural’ look).

  • Avoid filming the videos when you are run down/sick or are experiencing
    tiredness as it might hinder your performance.

  • It is important to maintain eye contact with viewers.

  • Keep positive energy throughout the video and make your clients feel good.

  •  Create your own style.

  • You have to edit your video by yourself and make it as a full video (if required,
    such as being recorded in two parts).

  • Please do not add any name/title bars, subtitles or effects (other than simple
    transitions) in the video.

  • If you can not attach it in the email, please send it via wetransfer.